“My life is music, and in some vague, mysterious and subconscious way, I have always been driven by a taut inner spring which has propelled me to almost compulsively reach for perfection in music, often - in fact, mostly - at the expense of everything else in my life.” Stan Getz


“The Highway” - A film by Susan Davis, is making the rounds in the film fest circuit and getting tons of positive reception.

Susan Davis contacted me back in March 2016 about scoring her new film.

It’s a short (20 min) film that needed a very narrative score. Thats pretty

much why I came to California, so I gladly accepted the challenge. I finished

scoring in time for the film to be mixed and released on time to enter the film

fest season... Its getting some great responses too. In fact, the film was

accepted to the “LA Shorts Awards” and received a Best Original Score

award! Yay! Its always great to see your children (my music) doing well. Congrats to Susan

and the whole cast & crew on a job well done.


“Music is who I am... Everything else is what I do..”



A multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, film composer, keyboardists.

Over 25 years composing, recording and performing.

Hundreds of commissions for documentary scores, jingles, corporate promotion.... and performing live.

ADDY, Silver Mic, and Telly awards winner.

A Few Corporate Clients:

scott mcdavid / mcdavasongs music                san diego - atlanta - birmingham


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Short film “The Lords and Other Creatures” is receiving some attention from the Cannes Festival. This is an article about the film with an interview with Writer/Producer Natalie Lauer and Director Ryan Kibby. Check it out....




Marc Phillips hosts this podcast about the history of Alabama music, past, present and future... and features interviews with singers, song writers, musicians and artists of all genres. The A Side explores their influences and accomplishments, and goes behind the scenes to hear stories that have never been told before ranging from the inspiration of a song to their life on and off the road.

The A Side 23: Scott McDavid

This weeks guest on The A Side is Scott McDavid. Scott is an Alabama native but is now living in San Diego, California. With influencers from the Beatles to jazz great Chick Corea, Scott has become a very accomplished piano player. He also is an excellent producer, engineer, arranger and songwriter with several solo projects to his credit. He is also a composer scoring sound tracks for films and documentaries.


Documenting Popular Music puts a spotlight on the thriving musical scene in Alabama and the city of Birmingham, where musician Scott McDavid was born and raised.  McDavid’s journey is representative of numerous other musicians who work under some anonymity, but who have been vital to the creation, maintenance and spread of popular music in America.

McDavid’s career began in his hometown, where he played with a number of local bands, including KD Ryzer, a very popular regional group.  He later joined former members of the group Hotel (“You’ll Love Again” 1978) as part of 1980s band Split the Dark (“Always a Chance” 1986).

In Part I of this feature, McDavid talks about some of the highlights of his Birmingham career, including winning the MTV Basement Tapes Contest with Split the Dark.  He also discusses his work with jazz guitarist Eric Essix and his band.

In Part II of this feature, McDavid reveals why his respect and admiration for the legendary Chuck Berry didn’t match the difficult task of actually working for the rock and roll great.  McDavid also discusses his award winning work in scoring documentaries and independent films.  Additionally, he talks about the process of making his newest single, “The Lady in Black (Just Let Me Dance),” which features singer Stephanie Love.  The show concludes with McDavid's recollections of Birmingham’s music scene.

O&F Studios Scott McDavid interview part 1

O&F Studios Scott McDavid interview part 2

The Lady In Black (just let me dance!) - Official Music Video  -  words & music by Robert Neil

Destiny Vongprachanh as The Lady in black; Luke Fallon as The Hitman; Bartender played by Gerren Hall

Video directed by Zev Lerner, Produced by Robert Neil, Director of Photography - Kevin Shanmugam

Song performed by Scott McDavid, featuring Stephanie Love

Produced and arranged by Scott McDavid

Mixed and mastered by Austin Burns at BigFish Studios, San Diego, CA.

Executive producer: Robert Neil

©2017 McDavasongs Music BMI


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